Klinkaseal (Waterproofing)

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Waterproofing/Damp proofing.

KlinkaSeal water-repellent sealer is a liquid silicone carried by a solvent. It is designed to seal
face-brick surfaces, to inject as a chemical damp proof course and to protect plaster against
rising damp. The product has been developed to penetrate porous masonry surfaces and to react with
the structure prohibiting moisture absorption. Due to the high alkalinity of most brick and cement
surfaces, KlinkaSeal has been formulated to be highly resistant to alkalinity using the Iso-Octyl
Siloxane-type technology.

• It waterproofs masonry.
• It can be applied to slightly damp substrates.
• It protects brick and masonry without affecting the surface’s aesthetic appeal. -It can be used
• as a primer on new plaster and works to stop rising damp below damp proofing course, especially
• before emulsion paint is applied.

• Good quality plaster below DPC
• Boundary walls while still good quality raw plaster
• Tile grouting (waterproofing)
• Waterproofing face brick without changing the colour of the brick.

1. The plaster to which KlinkaSeal is applied must be of high quality if it is going to be
painted with emulsion paints after applying KlinkaSeal. Apply 2 coats of KlinkaSeal wet on wet to
all plaster.
2. Allow 48 hours to dry before priming with one coat of Paintcor’s Plaster Primer. Allow to dry
before over coating with top coats of your choice.
3. Do NOT apply to plaster that is poor or friable. Please call us for technical assistance on
011 794 2885.

Face Brick
1. Clean the brick and allow to dry.
2. Repair all missing or cracked pointing (i.e. the cement between the bricks). Allow sufficient
time to dry.
3. Using a brush, roller or airless spray apply KlinkaSeal.
4. The best method for applying KlinkaSeal is surface flooding, and not under pressure.
5. Apply several coats, wet on wet, until the substrate is saturated. Two coats will suffice under
normal conditions.

Boundary Wall Solution:
1. Ensure that the plaster is dry and of good quality.
2. Apply two coats of KlinkaSeal, (wet on wet) to all plastered areas of the boundary wall.
3. Allow a minimum of 48 hours to dry at 25°C or higher.
4. Apply one coat of Paintcor’s PlasterPrime to the entire wall. Allow sufficient time to dry.
5. Apply two to three coats of Paintcor’s AquaMatt to achieve approximately 0.5mm dry film
thickness to the top of the boundary wall.
6. Allow sufficient time to dry in between each and final coat.
7. Finally apply two coats of Paintcor’s Elegance Pure Acrylic to the sides and top of the
boundary wall, or Paintcor product of your choice. Allow sufficient time to dry in between coats.

Injection for Chemical DPC.
Installing a chemical DPC (DPC=Damp proof course) is best carried out by professionals, please
contact us should you require to DIY this installation.

Apply by Brush, Sponge/Mohair Roller or Spray

Clean all equipment with Turpentine immediately after use.

Keep stored in cool, dry conditions and away from children. Flammable product, keep away from open

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R112.14R1,391.27 Exl VAT

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