Plasterprime Premium (Waterborne Plaster Primer)

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PLASTERPRIME PREMIUM Description and application CATEGORY
PlasterPrime Premium is a fine particle size, water-borne acrylic with excellent alkali resistance, water-resistance, and adhesion. It is off-white in color and has been formulated as a primer for Gypsum plaster (RhinoLite) or cement plaster. It can be applied to new plaster after Paintcors damp proofing has been carried out, or on all new good quality plaster especially in coastal weather conditions. PlasterPrime Premium is formulated using the latest environmentally-friendly technology.
FEATURES • It is alkali resistant. • It is water-resistant. • It has excellent adhesion. • It has very good opacity. • It does not require any subsequent undercoats when used on smooth, even-textured plaster. • It makes use of the latest H2O Technology for green products. • It has a low V.O.C. count and is low in odor.

AREAS OF USE • New cement plaster • New gypsum plaster • After the application of Paintcors KlinkaSeal on high-quality plaster to stop rising damp. SURFACE PREPARATION AND APPLICATION

1. Ensure that the gypsum plaster is dry and of good quality, i.e. that the surface is hard and free of chalk. 2. NOTE: If chalky powder remains after wiping, Paintcor’s RhinoSeal must be applied in place of PlasterPrime Premium. Refer to RhinoSeal DA. 3. Wipe the good quality gypsum plaster down to remove all dirt and dust. 4. Apply one coat of Paintcor’s PlasterPrime Premium to all gypsum surfaces to be painted. Allow drying for 2 hours at 25 degrees. 5. Apply two topcoats of your choice. Allow sufficient time to dry between coats.

1. Ensure that the plaster is dry and of good quality. Poor quality plaster (plaster that continues to release loose particles when brushed) must be sealed using Paintcors AcrySeal and not PlasterPrime Premium. Refer to Acryseal DA. 2. Apply one coat of PlasterPrime Premium to the new plaster to be painted. 3. Allow drying for 2 hours at 25 degrees. 4. Should the primed surface highlight undesirable texture differences on the new plaster, then apply one coat of Paintcors AcrylUnder or SubTex undercoat to improve texture variances. Allow drying. 5. Apply two coats of the top-coat of your choice. Allow drying between coats.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product uses waterborne technology and cannot be diluted with water or solvents, if this product is diluted its performance will be adversely affected.
PlasterPrime Premium cannot be used over poor quality, overly friable plaster or gypsum plaster. In such instances please consult Paintcor Technical for instruction on RhinoSeal for gypsum plaster or Acryseal for masonry plaster.

Apply by Brush, Mohair/Sheepskin/Synthetic Roller or Spray

Clean all equipment with water immediately after use.

Keep stored in cool, dry conditions and away from children.

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Plasterprime Premium - Description and Application


PlasterPrime Premium is a fine particle size, water-borne acrylic with excellent alkali resistance, water resistance and adhesion.

Plasterprime Premium - Technical Specification


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Plasterprime Premium (Waterborne Plaster Primer)

R60.06R1,004.10 Exl VAT

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