RuvAcryl (Modified Pure Acrylic Top-Coat Low V.O.C 10 Year Guarantee)

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Please note: 

Colours may appear different than the digital representation of the colour due to difference in screen manufactures and representation of RGB colour values.

BlackCatorbraCharcoalChocolateClaytileCoffee CreamForrest GreenGreyHachiendaHistorical GreenNutmegTropical BlueVictorian Green

RuvAcryl Premium has been designed to withstand South-African climate conditions by using the latest weather barrier technology for application onto all roofing types. RuvAcryl roof paint will maintain its colour and protect your roof against UV, acid rain, mould and algae for up to 10 years. RuvAcryl can be used on many different surfaces such as old enamel, glass and certain plastics. RuvAcryl conforms to EU 2010 VOC rules and contains no added lead.

• Excellent water resistance.
• Excellent UV resistance
• Available in a range of standard colours.
• Can be applied as an interior or exterior wall coating.
• Resistant against alkali. -It can be used as the first and final coat on new, good quality plaster.
• Can be applied to a variety of surfaces.
• Makes use of weather barrier technology.
• Resistant against Acid rain.

• Pitched tile and steel roofs.
• Flat deck roofs with Acrylic waterproofing.
• Palisade fencing.
• Walls interior and exterior.
• Paving.

Please note that colours will vary from print and screen to application.
For an accurate colour you can collect a sample at your nearest paintcor branch.

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1L, 5L, 20L, 125ml


Black, Catorbra, Charcoal, Chocolate, Claytile, Coffee Cream, Forrest Green, Grey, Hachienda, Historical Green, Nutmeg, Tropical Blue, Victorian Green

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RuvAcryl (Modified Pure Acrylic Top-Coat Low V.O.C 10 Year Guarantee)

R10.00R1,139.57 Exl VAT

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