Woodfirst (Oil/Sealer – Linoleic Rich Long Oil Alkyd)

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Wood treatment

Wood1st has been developed to protect and stain (if necessary) both new and raw wood. It can be used alone, or as a deep penetrating primer under varnish. Wood1st contains deep penetrating oils, alkyds, pesticides and UV stabilizers. It feeds, nourishes and protects all wood from various weather conditions and mold.

• Can be used as a deep penetrating wood dressing or as a sealer before varnish.
• Nourishes natural wood types.
• Protects against elements and acts as a UV stabilizer.
• Creates a deep penetrating pre-varnish treatment (alkyds).

• Priming, staining (if required) and nourishing exterior wood before applying Paintcors WoodLuv or WoodCoat.
• Oil and stain for any wooden surface.

Used alone as oil and stain
1. Ensure that the wood is raw, new and/or untreated.
2. Sand the wood down to a clean smooth finish, remove any sanding dust.
3. Use Wood1st undiluted.
4. Apply one or two coats of Wood1st as is, or use more to stain to your liking.
5. Hard woods require one coat whereas soft woods require two coats.
6. When wood starts to look dry (about 1 year after initial application), sand lightly and apply an additional coat.
Used as an undercoat prior to applying a varnish on outdoor surfaces
In order to achieve the best performance from an exterior varnish system it is essential to nourish,
preserve and protect the wood before applying the varnish. This will significantly prolong the life span of
the varnish and the natural wood. It is therefore important to apply Wood1st before varnishing exterior
wood. For your convenience, Wood1st is available in various stains. Applying WoodLuv or WoodCoat
clear varnish over Wood1st will result in a rich finish that will enhance the natural grain of the wood.
1. Dilute Wood1st with 20% Turpentine (For hard wood only).
2. Ensure that the natural wood is raw, new and untreated.
3. Sand the wood to a clean smooth finish, remove any sanding dust.
4. Apply a liberal coat of Paintcor’s Wood1st to all sides of the wood. (For best results apply
Wood1st to all areas of the wood prior to assembly).
5. Allow a drying time of 6 hours at 25ºC in between coats and 12 hours before over coating with
6. One coat of Wood1st is sufficient for hard woods. Softer woods require at least two coats of
7. Apply two coats of Paintcor’s WoodLuv or WoodCoat varnish to areas of wood prior to
8. Allow sufficient time to dry in between coats.
9. Once installation has taken place, apply 2 – 3 coats of Paintcor’s WoodLuv or WoodCoat to all
exposed areas. This will seal all screw and/or nail fitment points.
10. Allow up to 6 hours to dry in between coats.
NOTE: In order to prolong the life-span of outdoor installations, it is important to feed and seal all
areas of the wood, including fixing points.
Drying times are at 25ºC. Additional drying time should be made by adding ½ an hour for every
degree below 25ºC.

Apply by Varnish Brush or Sponge Roller

Clean all equipment with Turpentine immediately after use.


Keep stored in cool, dry conditions and away from children. Flammable product, keep away from open

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Woodfirst (Oil/Sealer - Linoleic Rich Long Oil Alkyd)

R116.05R551.96 Exl VAT

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